Published 29 June 2020. Updated 29 January 2021

An excellent massage’ – The Irish Times

In addition to a very stringent risk assessment showing control measures to stop the risk of spreading Covid19 and other infections, we have produced this simple six-step service plan, six-step massage routine, and contingency plan.



We have drawn up stand plans for typical shell-scheme, open or festival pitch areas. These show that each chair is SEPARATED BY SCREENS EITHER SIDE, to keep at least one metre distance from any other working massage therapist or seated client on the stand.

Therapists who are not engaged with customers will be stationed at least the same distance away from everyone else.

Chairs will be disinfected with antibacterial wipes after each massage and rubbish will be disposed of.

There will now be a medical bin to dispose of used masks and wipes and a bin bag for other rubbish.

The Mobile Massage equipment now comprises:

  • Display roller banner
  • Barrier screens x enough for each therapist to have one either side
  • Therapy stools
  • Dispenser/box with green information cards
  • Dispenser/box with antibacterial wipes
  • Dispenser/box with face masks
  • Bag of clean tshirts
  • Laundry bag for tshirts
  • Spray bottles of hand sanitiser
  • Medical disposal bin
  • Bin bag
  • Cash box

The therapists’ (the Mobile Massage team members’) uniform comprises branded tshirts, trousers and shoes, and they carry:

  • Mobile payment devices ie ‘cardreaders’
  • Personal bottle of 99.9% standard antibacterial hand sanitiser 


There will be no dramatic change in the composition of the Mobile Massage team members. Even before the Covid19 pandemic we were so highly risk-assessed and could only employ therapists with a high level of training, professional indemnity insurance, and – within London at least – membership of a professional association.

All the team have therefore been trained to care for members of the public and follow all safety measures set out in Mobile Massage’s Health and Safety Procedure document they receive on joining up, plus any extra measures laid down by the organisers and the event venue.

Team members have now been made aware of these interim hygiene measures and been ordered, rather than asked, not to attend an event if they or any member of their households are feeling unwell or are self-isolating.

Team members will follow all existing hygiene measures in place before Covid19.


Therapists will remain in their place, which will automatically maintain the required distance when inviting in prospective customers. The explanation will be given verbally and the customer will then pick up an A5 printed card from a pile. This easy-to-read card confirms and illuminates the sales information, and also contains comprehensive health and safety information. Following this, the customer proceeds to the chair and may help themselves to a mask from the dispenser if they are not wearing one already.

The therapist puts on a clean mask and sanitises hands from their personal bottle of medical 99.9% germkilling sanitiser, before approaching the seated customer. If the therapist has to touch anything else during the massage, they will re-sanitise their hands – as they always have done in the past.


As usual, hands and face will not be massaged. The only unclothed areas touched will be the back of the neck, arms if exposed above the wrists, and the hair (scalp area).

Therapists will remain silent behind their mask except to check pressure and comfort levels.


Payment will be made at the end by contactless card tapped onto a contactless device or if a PIN has to be entered, the device will be wiped straight after. The therapist remains in the mask until this transaction is complete. There is a contingency plan for payment failure – see below.


The therapist then picks up any rubbish including discarded information cards, and disposes of them plus their mask and wipe in the secure medical bin on the stand. Following this they sanitise their hands and move to a safe space to start the process again.


1 The therapist engages verbally with prospective customer, from their ‘booth’ between hygiene screens. This is done in the usual friendly and upbeat manner but with the therapist masked and maintaining at least one metre distance.

2 The prospective customer picks up and reads green information card from a dispenser on the stand.

3 The customer helps themselves to a mask if not wearing one, from a dispenser on the stand, then takes a seat which has been previously sanitised.

4 The therapist approaches the customer and proceeds with the massage from behind them, having sanitised their own hands using their personal bottle. There follows absolute minimal verbal communication from the therapist.

5 The therapist enters the amount to pay on a contactless device and the or if a PIN entered the device is then sanitised.

6 The customer leaves, the therapist wipes down the chair, disposes of their wipes, and sanitises their hands before moving to a safe space to start the process again. Masks get changed at least once every four hours.


If payment devices fail, cash can be posted into a box on the stand for the purpose and left untouched by anyone for at least 15 minutes. Note that we have otherwise stopped taking cash due to it posing an unnecessary extra layer of surveillance for the team leader.

Should unintended contact occur, customers may help themselves to our antibacterial wipes, spray and new masks .

Our onsite team leader’s first response to any sign of customer or therapist illness is to lead them off the stand to a safe area to sit down, then immediately fetch the venue’s first aid team.