Book the authentic Mobile Massage experience for your trade show, corporate event or festival. We also provide massage in the workplace.


A Mobile Massage chill-out zone at your event means a chance for everyone to participate interactively and empty space filled with something dynamic. Through 10 minutes of individual attention we enhance the sense of connection between an event and its attendees, helping people immerse themselves in a personalised way. A massage loosens the body, calms the mind and makes everyone receptive to what’s on show. And it’s a great opportunity for a selfie, to keep the memory alive!

We also provide a range of wellbeing services in the workplace, from our classic 10-minute massage, to sports massage and osteopathy. No, we do not do home or hotel visits – leave this page right now – nor any other private treatments of any kind.

Every time someone has a Mobile Massage we make a small but important impact around the world by working with charity partners to provide goods and services to communities in need. Examples include days of business training for women in rural communities in Africa and Asia, packs of urgent medical supplies or medical consultations, and tree planting in depleted forests worldwide. It’s not us ‘doing good,’ it is part of helping people finding pain relief in a massage to spread the benefit to the wider world.

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